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We want to help men, women, and children from across our community become the best they can be. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are an excellent way for your child to receive the exercise they need while also building strong core values and connecting with a community of new friends and mentors from across Dallas. They'll also learn effective self-defense skills and anti-bullying tips!

Through our confidence-building martial arts programs, our team at Alex Martins BJJ will help your child reach their full potential. Our instructors are caring, compassionate, and direct -- they'll provide expert training in a safe, fun environment where children of all abilities and backgrounds can thrive. We'll help to develop vital skills and values such as focus, respect, discipline, self-esteem, and responsibility. 

Starting as young as four years old, we teach children how to roll with correct form. But Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn't just about learning to fight -- it's about developing a powerful sense of self, instilling positive values, creating unwavering confidence, and establishing a supportive community. There are a wealth of mental and physical benefits that come with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. 

Students and parents report that BJJ is a terrific way to keep children active and fit during off seasons of baseball, basketball, football, and soccer... but it's not just for athletes! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps build flexibility, total-body fitness, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. Best of all, it's tons of fun for kids of all ages!

We offer a flexible schedule to keep things convenient for you. The first step is trying out your FREE CLASS to see if Alex Martins BJJ is a good fit for you!

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