We are currently at 2318 Beatrice St, Dallas Tx 75208 until October 31st 2021. The new location is about a mile away from current location!

Brian Estes , Martial Arts Instructor

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Brian Estes

Brian began training Taekwondo around 14 years old where he earned a red belt under Brian and Troy Dorsey martial arts. In his late teens and early 20's, he got very serious about boxing and kickboxing. He felt something seemed to be missing from his skill set, so he found a Muay Thai gym and the rest is history. Brain trained Muay Thai as his base and incorporated what he learned from boxing and kickboxing into this new skill that seemed to come naturally. Having a number of amateur fights in the mid-'90s, an accident that left him having 2 back surgeries within 3 months, and his competitive career turned into a technology career, so he took a 15-year break. He's now back in the sport and recently (aug 2021) competed in the Muay Thai Development League and continue to train Muay Thai.  

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